Realme grows its sales by almost 50 percent and leaves a victim in its wake

2021 was not easy at all for players in the smartphone market. The truth is that the realities were diverse and while some like Realme won, others like Huawei registered a historic collapse. The scenario is especially interesting considering that, until just a few years ago, Huawei was one of the dominant players, while firms like Realme simply seemed to be off the radar.

Today things are changing and everything seems to indicate that the veto that Huawei suffers in the United States has taken a particularly heavy toll. And it is that with devices that have ceased to have support for Google applications and services as well as difficulties in adding 5G chips, the Chinese giant has given space for the growth of other competitors such as Realme.

This changing context is made clear by the sales projections and estimates recorded over the past year. It's true. Smartphone manufacturers do not usually provide specific data on the number of units sold; however, it is possible to calculate this parameter considering the devices sent to suppliers for sale.

Realme wins, Huawei collapses

Based on this information, the consulting firm Omdia has estimated the most recent movements in the smartphone market, where Huawei is emerging as the big loser, while it really seems to me to win. According to the data provided by the aforementioned company, it is estimated that Samsung, Apple, and Xiaomi lead based on sales estimates with a market share of 20, 18 and 14 percent.

For its part, Realme is in the sixth position with 4 percent at the end of this year, while Huawei remains in the ninth position with 3 percent.

What is striking is the year-to-year variation where, although everything seems to remain at the top of the ranking, there are interesting changes in the middle and lower parts. And it is that while Realme registered a growth in sales close to 50 percent, Huawei lost more than 80 percent in sales. This last brand, according to the study, went from selling 189.7 million mobiles during 2020, to marketing only 35 million in 2021.

It is true, it is really far from catching up with the leaders; However, the registered growth is not minor and perhaps it could be the beginning of a new era for the smartphone market where Huawei seems to be the big loser. Do you want to be up to date in the world of technology? Subscribe to our YouTube channel and don't miss the best in gaming, gadgets and geek culture. Follow us on social networks

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