Redmi links Mercedes-AMG F1 team, and "K50 Mercedes F1 mobile phone"

Redmi officially announced that Redmi will link up with the Mercedes-AMG F1 team, which will serve as the exclusive mobile phone partner to explore extreme performance with Redmi. AMG is the "Mercedes" high-end performance brand, and the Mercedes-AMG F1 team is the "eight crown champion" of Formula One. The official Weibo of the Redmi mobile phone shows that there is also a new "K50 Mercedes F1 mobile phone".

This model should be a limited edition of the previously exposed black sports car. IT House learned that the Redmi K50 e-sports version is the first model of the Redmi K50 series and will be officially released on February 16.

According to official reports, the Redmi K50 gaming version is powered by the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 processor, has a total VC cooling area of ​​4860mm², supports 120W fast charging, and is the world's first to be equipped with a CyberEngine ultra-wideband motor.

In terms of design, the Redmi K50 e-sports version adopts a matte homogenous process, with X-shaped three-dimensional cutting volume keys, CD-patterned shoulder key switches, and an all-metal frame and 3D micro-finishing arc, making it feel smoother.

In terms of screen, the Redmi K50 e-sports version uses an OLED flexible straight screen with a 120Hz refresh rate, 480Hz game touch rate, and a new generation of 1920Hz PWM high-frequency dimming, which is rated by DisplayMate A + and supports 10 times super-resolution touch. The touch screen area is increased from 2400×1080 to 24000×10800.

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