Russia-Ukraine conflict may affect noble gas supply?

Micron said in a statement on the 16th that it is understood that reports of possible interruptions in the supply of noble gases, especially neon, have worried the semiconductor industry due to ongoing tensions between Russia and Ukraine.

Micron pointed out that the company has diversified procurement of all noble gases, and our neon gas supply is mainly from various suppliers in the European Union, the United States and Asia. In addition, the company maintains appropriate inert gas inventories to support our business, has a number of long-term supply agreements with key suppliers, and works closely with them to ensure uninterrupted supply.

The U.S. government has previously warned that it would impose sweeping export controls on Russia if it invaded Ukraine. The White House has warned chip companies to diversify their supply chains in case Russia retaliates against threats to curb U.S. exports by blocking U.S. companies from accessing key semiconductor materials, according to people familiar with the matter.

Market research firm Techcet highlighted in a report that many semiconductor manufacturers rely on materials such as neon and palladium from Russia and Ukraine. Techcet estimates that more than 90 percent of U.S. supply of semiconductor-grade neon comes from Ukraine, and 35 percent of palladium comes from Russia.

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