Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra lost out to the Galaxy S21 Ultra in the battery life test

The newest flagship Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra has become a participant in a new comparative test. This time we tested its autonomy and compared it with the autonomy of other flagships: iPhone 13 Pro Max, Galaxy S21 Ultra, Pixel 6 Pro and Xiaomi 12 Pro. What did the new Samsung show?

Alas, even despite the presence of a 5000 mAh battery, the Galaxy S22 Ultra did not take the lead in the test. Moreover, he lost to its predecessor, the Galaxy S21 Ultra, equipped with a battery of the same capacity - 5000 mAh. There is an assumption that this happened due to the fact that the software of the novelty is not yet sufficiently optimized.

But both Galaxy Ultras lost out to the iPhone 13 Pro Max with a 4352 mAh battery. The Apple smartphone lasted 10 hours and 27 minutes versus 8 hours and 15 minutes for the Galaxy S21 Ultra and 8 hours and 8 minutes for the Galaxy S22 Ultra.

Interestingly, the Google Pixel 6 Pro with the same capacity battery, 5000 mAh, turned out to be an absolute outsider - it worked the least. However, it has the highest screen resolution - this partially justifies the low autonomy. Xiaomi 12 Pro, endowed with a battery capacity of 4600 mAh, took the penultimate line, having worked for just over 7.5 hours.  

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