SKYWORTH DIGITAL: A new product of dual 6-DOF short-focus VR all-in-one machine is under development

Skyworth Digital stated on the investor interaction platform that the new products (including software algorithms, etc.) of the leading dual-six-degree-of-freedom short-focus VR all-in-one machine are under development, and games and applications will be adapted according to the project plan. Earlier, Skyworth Digital revealed that it will launch the pre-research and application of short-focus VR products with six degrees of freedom and AR-related products in mid-June this year. In this regard, Skyworth Digital said that the VR industry content and terminals achieve each other, and the most important thing is that users have a good experience. After enriching the ecology and applications, the industry will have substantial and explosive growth.

In the field of VR / AR equipment, Skyworth Digital cooperates with the upstream industry chain and many content platform partners. While launching VR equipment with 8K hard decoding capability, it also collaboratively produces high-quality VR content and has developed and launched 8K VR. An application distribution platform to establish a VR ecosystem. Currently, the content ecosystem access platforms include China Mobile Cloud VR, iQiyi VR, HTC's viveport, VEER, and other dozens of platform content, and more updated VR content and content will be introduced in the future. Platform to VR Ecosystem.

Skyworth Digital said that VR and other business companies are based on the strategic layout of both domestic and foreign markets. At present, sales in overseas markets account for the majority. At present, a large part of Skyworth Digital's business is processed and produced by outsourced partners on behalf of the company. Based on future business growth, Skyworth Digital has deployed related capacity construction.

According to public information, Skyworth Digital’s main business is the research, development, production, sales, operation, and service of digital TV smart terminals and software systems and platforms; its main products are 4K set-top boxes, Android TV set-top boxes, PTV set-top boxes, OTT set-top boxes, broadband integration, intelligent home gateway, intelligent networking, covering optical fiber access equipment, Wi-Fi5 / Wi-Fi6 wireless routers, Cable Modem, 4G / 5G CPE; is "National Intellectual Property Advantage Enterprise", "National High-tech Enterprise", " Winner of "Key Software Enterprises in National Planning and Layout" and "Top 100 Industrial Enterprises in Shenzhen".

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