Sony releases LinkBuds open-back true wireless earphones

Sony released LinkBuds, a new open-type true wireless headset, with a ring design and a price of $180 (about 1141.2 yuan). Sony said that it has developed a dedicated ring drive unit for LinkBuds, equipped with an integrated processor V1, combined with high-performance neodymium magnets and a hollow ring diaphragm, the sound quality is clear and thorough, allowing people to feel high-quality music while simultaneously paying attention to external factors. Sound, such as when walking, talking on the phone, having a conference call or playing a game, feels and responds to changes in the surrounding environment in time. In addition, deep neural network learning (DNN) and precise voice pickup technology have greatly improved the call quality of the open-backed LinkBuds, allowing users to enjoy clear voice communication at will. As a smart wearable device, Sony has equipped LinkBuds with a new wide-area click function, which allows you to play, pause, and switch operations by simply tapping the area around the ear near the cheek.

Sony has also teamed up with Tencent Xiaowei to add a Quick Access (quick play music) function to LinkBuds, which can quickly play preset QQ music playlists through the Tencent Xiaowei App, and also supports quick access to voice assistants such as music playback and weather query. Serve. At the same time, the new product has adaptive volume control performance and supports IPX4 waterproof levels.

The body volume of LinkBuds is about 51% smaller than that of the WF-1000XM4, the volume of the earphone shell is reduced by about 26%, and the single earphone weighs about 4.1 grams. The headset is equipped with 5 sizes of curved brackets, which are flexible and can adapt to the needs of different users. Comfortable to wear and simple loop design, it is more friendly for users who don't like in-ear earbuds or wear earrings frequently. For heavy users of headphones who need to be online all the time, LinkBuds greatly reduces the hassle of taking it on and off, and can be easily worn and shuttled through diverse life scenarios.

In terms of battery life, LinkBuds not only supports long battery life and fast charging, but can also last up to about 17.5 hours with a single battery life plus the supplementary charging box, and you can enjoy about 90 minutes of music playback after 10 minutes of fast charging.

Sony has reached brand cooperation with QQ Music. In the future, Sony will join hands with QQ Music to strengthen the cooperative development and promotion of technologies such as 360 Reality Audio and high-quality headphones.

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