Steam January Hardware Survey Report

The Steam platform has now released the hardware and software investigation report for January 2022, which will conduct anonymous investigations and information collection on players’ computer configurations.

In January this year, the most graphics card on Steam was still the GTX1060, but the proportion dropped slightly, 0.4% less than in December. Then, the proportion of GTX1650, which ranked second on Steam, increased by 0.39%; the utilization rate of 30-series and 20-series graphics cards generally declined.

It is worth mentioning that there is finally a 30-series graphics card among the Steam hardware Top 10 graphics cards, that is, the mobile version of the RTX 3060. Its proportion has increased by 0.32%, and the current total is 2.06%.

In addition, the proportion of operating systems on the Steam platform in January has changed a lot. Among them, the proportion of Windows 10 64bit systems has dropped by 3.92%, but it is still the most commonly used operating system by players, while Win 11 (64bit) system accounts for 3.92%. The ratio increased by 3.41%.

In terms of CPU, the highest share is still Intel processors, with a total share of 69.02%; however, AMD’s share is still growing steadily, increasing 0.25% this month compared with December 2021, and the current total share is 30.96%.

The Oculus Quest 2 is still the No. 1 VR headset device this month, and its proportion has increased by 6.39% compared with the previous month, while Valve's own Valve Index HMD ranked second, accounting for 6.39%. The ratio is 14.36%.

It is worth mentioning that Simplified Chinese players on the Steam platform still account for a relatively high proportion, with a current share of 24.14%.

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