TCL launches two concept phones: folding screen + scroll screen in one

TCL showed two concept devices at the MWC World Mobile Communications Conference, named TCL 360-degree Ultra Flex and TCL Fold N' Roll.

TCL Fold N' Roll is back again. No major changes have occurred since the last official display. The device combines two forms of scroll screen and folding screen, which can not only fold but also expand the screen size like a scroll screen. The largest screen The size is up to 8.8 inches, and the screen size is 7 inches in a normal state.

Another concept device shown by TCL is called TCL 360-degree Ultra Flex, and the hinge in the middle supports bidirectional folding, that is, it can be folded more than 180 degrees.

Like the company's tri-fold concept devices, these foldable are still in the prototype stage, and TCL has yet to announce which devices will one day make it to the consumer market.

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