Tesla's home charging pile adds four new color panels

Tesla launched the "third-generation home charging pile glow panel service package" on Valentine's Day recently. The new color panels are available in four types: cold light silver, deep sea blue, China red, and pure black. Color, priced at 1,000 yuan, including door-to-door installation. According to the official introduction, the newly launched third-generation home-filling pile stained glass panel perfectly matches the color of the body. The stained glass panel retains the original process design and adopts the same strength tempered glass panel, which is compatible with the existing three generations of home filling piles.

After purchase, users will get a glass panel of the corresponding color, an accessory package (including two panel fixing screws), and a door-to-door panel replacement service. After purchasing the product, the glass panel will be sent to the service provider, who will bring it to the door for replacement. Replacing a new panel will not affect the equipment warranty and installation engineering warranty of your three-generation home filling pile.

Tesla's third-generation home charging service package (40-meter installation service of the national standard) is priced at 8,000 yuan.

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