The autonomy of the Samsung Galaxy S22 is noticeably less than its predecessor

Despite the fact that mass deliveries of Samsung Galaxy S22 smartphones will start only on February 25, some users have already begun to receive ordered devices. There is a Galaxy S22 in the hands of reviewers. Those have already managed to check the autonomy of the base model of the series and ... become disillusioned with it.

Galaxy S22 Ultra has become the world's most compact flagship based on the top SoC Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 (in the US and several other countries) and Exynos 2200 (in Russia and Europe). He received a screen with a diagonal of 6.1 inches - it is convenient to control with one hand, but the battery capacity is small - only 3700 mAh. And the first reviews say that it is simply not able to provide decent autonomy.

We are talking about the fact that you can constantly use the Galaxy S22 for about 4.5-5 hours. During this time, a 100% charged battery is completely discharged. For comparison:  the Galaxy S22 Ultra, equipped with a 5000 mAh battery, works in this mode for just over eight hours . Interestingly, even with the screen turned off, the battery also actively loses its charge. In general, the Galaxy S22 found a weak spot. And hardly anything can be done about it. In the end, flagships are bought not just to make calls, but active work with the Galaxy S22 (photo, video, social networks, instant messengers, browser) can drain the smartphone battery very quickly.  

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