TSMC: The challenges of the semiconductor industry lie in technology

Mi Yujie, deputy general manager of TSMC's research and development, won the 2022 IEEE Frederik Philips Award. In an interview with IEEE, he said that the challenges of the semiconductor industry are first in the choice of technology; second, in finding enough talents . In addition , the shortage of semiconductors is still an obstacle that must be faced at present.

Mi Yujie pointed out that the problem of semiconductor shortage will take two to three years and will not be solved until new fabs come online. "The semiconductor industry is currently investing a lot of money to build additional capacity to address chip shortages. We have a much clearer picture of future demand today than we did two years ago," Mi Yujie said.

As for the reason for the semiconductor shortage, Mi Yujie believes that the epidemic has disrupted the global economy, and the increasing popularity of electronic products in daily life has also led to a surge in semiconductor demand.

In addition, Mi Yujie revealed that TSMC's 3nm plan will be listed later this year, and the company is also studying the 2nm node. "We're getting closer to the atomic scale, where previously we could fine-tune the process to enable next-generation nodes, but now each generation has to find new ways in terms of transistor architecture, materials, processes, and tools."

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