TSMC to comply with new export controls to Russia

Taiwan announced today that it will join the international community in sanctioning Russia's invasion of Ukraine. In response, according to Reuters, TSMC said in a statement, "TSMC complies with all applicable laws and regulations and is fully committed to complying with the announced new export control regulations."

In addition, TSMC pointed out that the company has a strict export control system, including a robust evaluation and review process to ensure compliance with export control regulations.

It is reported that the US President announced a new round of sanctions against Russia earlier today. In addition to imposing sanctions on Russia's largest banks and state-owned enterprises, it will also limit Russia's ability to trade with US dollars, euros, pounds, and yen, and freeze all Russian assets. Assets in the United States, restricting the export of high-tech products to Russia, and suspending the Russian military's access to funds and expansion capabilities. Subsequently, Japan, South Korea, and Australia also announced that they would sanction Russia.

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