User turns Apple iBook G3 into an iPad case

Using 3D printing and power tools, a TikTok user recently converted an iBook G3 case into an iPad case with an embedded Apple Watch charger. TikTok user @skipperfilms shows how he "ripped open" his iBook G3 into an iPad case. He removed everything inside the iBook G3, leaving only the casing, and then used 3D printing to create the necessary parts to mount the iPad and accessories.

First, he replaced the display with an iPad, but the USB-C port into the old port slot, and added a portable battery pack to power the iPad and Apple Watch charger, which can be accessed through the outward-facing USB-C port. Charge.

The portable battery, keyboard, Apple Watch charger and Apple Pencil stand all use 3D printer-printed custom design boards , and all cables are hidden behind the case. When done, the iPad sits in the old display frame, with a keyboard with a trackpad underneath, and a plug-in for the Apple Pencil below the iPad and the Apple Watch charger above the keyboard.

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