Xiaomi has a mobile phone launch conference in Ukraine today?

Xiaomi will hold a press conference in Ukraine today. Zang Zhiyuan, Marketing Director of Xiaomi International Marketing Department, confirmed that the local launch of the Redmi Note 11 was planned to be held in Ukraine today.

Xiaomi Ukraine's official Facebook account released a poster on February 17 and will hold a press conference on February 24 to launch the Redmi Note 11 series.

In addition, the conference will also launch Xiaomi Air Purifier 4, which was warmed up normally yesterday evening.

The last post of the Facebook account was published 15 hours ago, in the early hours of this morning, introducing some of the functions of the MIUI mobile phone's screen display, and has not been updated since then.

In 2020, global smartphone makers sold 6.9 million phones in Ukraine, a 5.9% increase from 2019.

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