Xiaomi Miaoxiang Center opens public beta recruitment

The Xiaomi community has launched the " Xiaomi Miaoxiang Center Public Beta ", which allows content to flow naturally across devices. Users only need to drag the content they want to stream to the device they want to stream to, whether it is music or screen content, the content can be easily streamed. Users need to go to the Xiaomi community, apply on the public beta page, and after joining the public beta circle, they can download and install the test package on the mobile phone and Pad.

The list of Xiaomi and Mijia AIOT devices supported by the Xiaomi Miaoxiang Center public beta has been announced. A mobile phone with the system version MIUI 13 is required (view path: set my device - all parameters), and any suitable TV/speaker/tablet/notebook device. Previously, Lei Jun, CEO of Xiaomi, demonstrated how to use the Magic Sharing Center. The Xiaomi Magic Sharing Center will display the media content currently playing on the mobile phone, as well as the screen of the mobile phone, in the form of a small floating window, and the user drags the floating window to another device, you can stream and play.

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