AMD lays out the RISC-V track

AMD's embedded RISC-V architecture team is recruiting RISC-V CPU/GPU microarchitecture engineers, a move that indicates AMD may develop solutions based on RISC-V architecture. According to the AMD job description, the job is to work with a team of engineers developing innovative embedded RISC-V CPU architectures, solve complex technical problems, and analyze and promote a variety of possible solutions, helping the team in performance, power consumption, and chip area (PPA) ) progress.

AMD expects candidates for this role to have register transfer level (RTL) design and GPU experience, and an understanding of branch predictors and register renaming, out-of-order execution, speculative execution CPU principles, and more. The job location is Orlando, Florida, which is also home to AMD's graphics card design department.

At present, AMD's competitor Intel has cooperated with SiFive, a RISC-V architecture chip design company, to launch a RISC-V development platform and foundry services, and NVIDIA has also begun to introduce RISC-V architecture components in its products.

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