AMD Milan-X EPYC processor launches on March 21

AMD's first Milan-X series EPYC processor with 3D V-Cache will be launched on March 21, and its model and price have been exposed. According to reports, AMD's EPYC 7003 series will have four models, 64 cores, 32 cores, 24 cores, and 16 cores.

In terms of price, the 64-core 128-thread flagship model 7773X retails for $8,880 (about 56,654.4 yuan); the 32-core SKU model 7573X sells for $5,590 (about 35,664.2 yuan); 24-core 7473X and 16-core 7373X are both sold The prices are 3900 US dollars (about 24882 yuan) and 4185 US dollars (about 26700.3 yuan).

This series of processors uses 3D V-Cache, each chiplet is equipped with 96MB of L3 cache, providing a total of 768MB of L3 cache.

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