Android 13 will natively support adjusting the brightness of the phone's flashlight

 Google launched the first developer preview of Android 13 last month, bringing privacy features, theme icons, language controls, and other improvements. Additionally, Android 13 will also support a flashlight-related feature that has been available on iPhones for some time.

According to Esper's Mishaal Rahman, Android 13 introduces two new APIs for the CameraManager class:

  • getTorchStrengthLevel: Returns the current brightness level of the torch
  • turnOnTorchWithStrengthLevel: Adjust the brightness level, from a minimum value of 1 to a hardware determined maximum value
  • That is to say, Android 13 will allow users to adjust the brightness of the mobile phone's flashlight, and open up APIs for App calls to make more improvements.

Apple iPhone has supported flashlight brightness adjustment as early as iOS 10, and among Android OEM manufacturers, Samsung, Meizu, etc. have implemented this function by themselves through customized systems.

Native support for Android 13 will bring this detail improvement to more phones. However, Mishaal pointed out that this feature requires the camera hardware abstraction layer (HAL) to be updated to version 3.8 to use, and Google has not given software requirements to OEM manufacturers, so it is impossible to determine whether to implement it.

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