Android 13 will natively support adjusting vibration intensity

Android 13 is about to be launched, and with the release of developer preview and beta versions, many new features have been exposed, such as task manager, PC mode taskbar, and more. The latest findings from Mishaal Rahman show that Android 13 will support adjusting the vibration intensity for a variety of different scenarios.

As you can see from the picture, Android 13 will allow users to change the vibration intensity of calls, notifications, alarms, etc., and can also start vibrating before gradually ringing. This means that if the phone is placed on a table, it will vibrate slightly at first, and then gradually ring.

Android 13 will also bring a series of detailed improvements, such as setting the language for each app, native support for adjusting the brightness of the flashlight, reminding users that there are high-power-consuming apps in the background, and push message permission control.

Google is planning to release six preview versions of Android 13 over the next few months before rolling out the stable version to Pixel phones and other devices in June.

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