Apple lobbies New York state to adopt iPhone electronic driver's license

Newly released state lobbying records show that Apple met with the local Motor Vehicle Administration to discuss the adoption of its electronic driver's license program. We previously discovered support for digital or mobile driver's licenses in the iOS 15.4 Beta, and Apple has previously announced which states in the U.S. decided to adopt the technology.

New York state lobbying records show that Apple and its lobbying firm, the Albany-based Roffe Group, met with DMV Deputy Commissioner Gregory Kline, the Times Union reported. The meeting, which took place in the second half of 2021, was initially reported to involve a "state procurement" issue.

A January 2022 submission to the state's Joint Commission on Public Ethics was later updated to add a meeting discussing Apple's "announcement on electronic ID." "Like many other states, the [New York] DMV is interested in exploring this concept and technology further," said DMV spokeswoman Lisa Koumjian.

But no further details of New York State's plan were disclosed. Separately, in November 2021, Apple revised its website to show that its e-driver's license feature won't be released until early 2022.

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