Apple Mac Studio users cannot upgrade storage by themselves

Apple's first batch of Mac Studio desktop computers have been sold and arrived, Max Tech on YouTube has dismantled Mac Studio, showing that it has two SSD hard drive slots for hard drive replacement. However, in the latest test, Luke Miani on YouTube unplugged a Mac Studio's SSD drive to erase the data, then plugged it into the hard drive slot of another Mac Studio, only to find that Mac's status light was flashing SOS and Unable to start.

This shows that Mac Studio does recognize the SSD, but Apple is preventing it from booting at the software level. Apple claims on its website that the Mac Studio's SSD storage is "inaccessible to users" and encourages users to configure the device with sufficient storage space at the time of purchase.

It now appears that the purpose of the replaceable SSD drive is to assist authorized technicians with repairs, and they may have some tools inside that will allow Mac Studio to boot normally after the drive has been replaced.

Max Tech’s dismantling showed that the entire package area of ​​the M1 Ultra on the Mac Studio is nearly three times larger than the AMD Ryzen 3 3300X chip. The domestic price of the device starts at 14,999 yuan.

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