Apple Watch ECG detection saved an Indian dentist

Apple CEO Tim Cook (Tim Cook) reacted to a thank-you letter after Apple Watch helped save a dentist's life, saying he was happy that the company's products could Help him seek medical attention and receive treatment. Nitesh Chopra, a dentist in Haryana, India, felt chest discomfort, prompting him to use the Apple Watch Series 6 ECG feature to get readings. After seeing the results, Nitesh Chopra and his wife Neha consulted doctors about symptoms and readings.

He was found to have blocked arteries, which prompted dentists to seek treatment. After the medical intervention, Nitesh Chopra said he was "lucky" and "couldn't express" his gratitude for the Apple Watch helping him in its early stages, according to the Hindustan Times.

"I started using the Apple Watch as a fashion accessory to check the time and my steps, and couldn't imagine one day it would save my life," he said.

At the hospital, an electrocardiogram was done to monitor Nitesh Chopra's condition, but the couple was surprised by the accuracy of the Apple Watch version. "When I was at CCU, my wife and I were constantly comparing our Apple Watch readings to the display, and they were in sync," Nitesh said.

After the medical error, Nitesh Chopra sent Tim Cook an email thanking the CEO for saving Nitesh Chopra's life. In response, Cook said via email: "I'm so glad you sought a clinical evaluation and got the care you wanted. Thank you for sharing your story with us. Have a nice day. Best wishes, Tim ."

Over the past few years, the Apple Watch has been credited with saving users' lives several times. Other examples of this phenomenon include: A nursing student's Apple Watch in Australia detected symptoms of a thyroid problem months before diagnosis; in one incident, fall detection helped an elderly woman, prompting her to obtain Lung cancer diagnosis; and it called for emergency help after a man fell off an e-bike.

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