Apple's Studio Display reportedly has 64GB of built-in flash memory

Apple launched the Studio Display display at the spring conference, equipped with a 27-inch 5K screen, equipped with an A13 chip, priced from 11,499 yuan. A few days ago, it was discovered that Studio Display was running a full version of iOS. Now, a Twitter user has also discovered that the Studio Display appears to have 64GB of flash memory.

Apple's Studio Display display, equipped with the A13 Bionic chip, enables it to have innovative features such as character centering, spatial audio, and "Hey Siri".

In detail, with the blessing of A13, if you walk back and forth during a video call, the character centering will keep you in the middle of the screen, allowing everyone to chat more deeply. If someone joins or leaves the frame, the camera's angle of view expands or zooms in accordingly. In addition, the centering of characters can also cooperate with commonly used video conferencing apps to make the meeting more effective. In addition, the A13 Bionic chip will work with all six speakers to present you with a rich and detailed cinema-quality sound field.

In addition to the above features, Apple has yet to provide more iOS features for this display. There is no doubt that the A13 processor, full iOS capabilities and 64GB flash memory on the Studio Display will make it easier for Apple to add new features to it later.

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