ByteDance has raised the sales target of Pico VR equipment again from 1 million units to about 1.8 million units

Pico, a Chinese domestic VR hardware manufacturer, was acquired by ByteDance last year. Earlier, according to a report by LatePost, a number of people familiar with the matter revealed that as of 2021, the Pico series of products have sold a total of about 500,000 units, and the team's sales target in 2022 is about one million units.

Recently, according to AR news, ByteDance has raised its VR sales target for 2022, from 1 million units to about 1.8 million units, as ByteDance’s marketing effect on Pico far exceeded previous expectations.

IDC reported that Pico ranked first in China's VR market share in 2020. According to "LatePost", following Ren Lifeng, head of Watermelon Video, Song Binghua, head of Douyin Variety Show, and Wu Zuomin, director of Douyin Entertainment, is about to transfer to VR (Virtual Reality) product Pico, which also indicates that ByteDance will begin to increase its presence in VR. investment in the content area.

The previous official internal letter stated that Pico will be merged into ByteDance’s VR-related business, integrate ByteDance’s content resources and technical capabilities, and will increase investment in product research and development and developer ecology.

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