DDR5 memory supply is increasing, and international manufacturers are promoting mass production

As the demand for DDR5 memory in servers and data centers emerges, the DDR5 ecosystem is also becoming more complete, and international manufacturers have successively promoted the mass production of DDR5 memory, thus driving the layout of module factories. in the footsteps of DDR5.

Intel's 12th-generation Core desktop processor/600 series motherboards already support DDR5 memory, and the latest Intel/AMD notebook platforms also support DDR5 memory.

In terms of price, take Kingston's latest FURY 8GB DDR5-4800 as an example, which is priced at 659 yuan. For comparison, Kingston's 8GB DDR4-3200 memory is only 279 yuan, and 8GB*2 DDR4-3200 is only 539 yuan.

With the increase in the supply of DDR5 memory, it is expected that the price of DDR5 memory will become lower in the future, but there will still be a price gap with DDR4 memory.

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