First teardown of the new $430 iPhone SE

The first video with the disassembly of the new iPhone SE, introduced by Apple on March 8, has been published on the Web. The hit novelty turned out to be not so simple in terms of repair: if the display is still relatively easy to replace, then you will have to tinker with the battery - although it is equipped with pull tabs that should make it easier to replace, in fact, you can’t do without pouring alcohol-containing liquid.

Things are even worse with the replacement of other components - Apple stuffed the new iPhone SE with an incredible amount of screws, and there are also enough small elements.

Disassembly finally gave an answer to the battery parameters of the new iPhone SE. Its capacity was 2018 mAh (7.82 Wh). For comparison: the battery capacity of the iPhone SE 2020 is 1821 mAh. This is a guarantee of increased autonomy of the new iPhone SE relative to its predecessor.

If the iPhone SE 2022 looks like the iPhone SE 2020, is it possible to use components from the previous model in the new model? Answer: no. Despite the fact that the batteries of the two models are visually almost identical, in the new model, Apple has changed the connection connector. The screen of the iPhone SE 2020 can be connected to the iPhone SE 2022, but the touch control will not work fully.

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