Global smartphone image sensor revenue becomes $15.1 billion in 2021

Data from market research firm Strategy Analytics showed that the global smartphone image sensor market revenue in 2021 will be $15.1 billion, an increase of more than 3% compared with 2020. For years, the market was led by Sony Semiconductor Solutions, followed by Samsung and OmniVision. Among them, Sony Semiconductor Solutions leads with a 45% revenue share, Samsung 26%, and OmniVision 11%. In 2021, these top three suppliers will account for nearly 83% of the revenue share of the global smartphone image sensor market.

In terms of classification, in terms of smartphone multi-camera applications, image sensors used for depth of field and macro have reached a 30% share, while image sensors used for ultra-wide angle have a share of more than 15%.

Stephen Entwistle, Vice President of Strategy Analytics' Strategic Technology Practice commented: "Large size and high-resolution image sensors will be a key growth area as OEMs focus on implementing superior camera capabilities in smartphones. However, market demand Continued to be impacted by CIS inventories and shortages of smartphone components."

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