Hong Hansheng, a former Meizu system engineer, quit OPPO, and spoke again three years later

Meizu engineer Hong Hansheng had resigned from Meizu and went to OPPO, and then this news was forwarded by Gai Wen Zhang (former Meizu Technology Director), saying, "I know but I can't. Said that he had to leave as a last resort, so please don't blame him, you should bless him."

On March 18, Hong Hansheng's Weibo "Hong Hansheng Telling the Truth" was updated again after nearly three years, saying that he was already in charge of software technology planning and erection at OPPO and would return to Weibo to listen to users' voices.

The most popular comment in the comment area is "OPPO's system is seriously killing the background", Hong Hansheng said, " immediately focus on improving ."

Meizu has undergone a number of major changes in 2019, including the resignation of many personnel, the refusal of the Meilan brand, and the introduction of state-owned assets. Hong Hansheng's last Weibo post was in June 2019, when he was still working in Meizu, he said, "I will do a good job in the system to live up to everyone's expectations."

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