Huawei P40 series pushes Hongmeng HarmonyOS update

After the nova 8 Pro, the Huawei P40 series also pushed the Hongmeng HarmonyOS update (C00E230R3P6), with a size of 1.66GB, bringing more devices connections to HyperTerminal. The update log shows that through this update, HyperTerminal has added support for connecting with some Huawei watches, bracelets, and MateView; at the same time, the "Elderly Care " setting interface will be added to the auxiliary function, and the update experience is recommended.

  • HyperTerminal: Added support for connecting with some Huawei watches, wristbands, and MateView, which can be easily connected with one click
  • Game: Optimize the anti-mistouch operation experience of the game scene
  • Safety: Incorporate the March 2022 security patch to enhance mobile phone system security
  • Set up: The "Elderly Care" setting interface has been added to the auxiliary function, which is convenient for you to complete the settings of related functions such as extra-large font and touch delay on the same interface.

At the winter flagship new product launch on December 23 last year, Huawei announced that the number of devices equipped with Hongmeng HarmonyOS exceeded 220 million, and the shipment volume of ecological devices in 2021 will reach 100 million+. Hundreds of Huawei and Honor devices have been upgraded to the official version of HarmonyOS 2.

Huawei has released the developer preview version of HarmonyOS 3, which will continue to innovate around the three core values ​​of system architecture, HyperTerminal, and one-time development and multi-terminal deployment, bringing a comprehensive upgrade of system capabilities and development tools.

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