Huawei will launch a new 25W SuperCharge charger with a small size

According to digital blogger "Uncle Kanshan", Huawei will launch a new 25W SuperCharge charger. It can be seen from the exposed pictures that Huawei's new 25W SuperCharge charger is very small, probably similar to Apple's "five volts and one amp". The charger is expected to work with some of Huawei's entry-level phones and tablets. It is reported that the new MatePad 10.4 2022 tablet National Bank uses the Kirin 710A processor, supports 22.5W charging, and the new 25W SuperCharge charger can meet the demand.

Huawei has now announced that the 2022 Huawei Whole House Smart and Full Scene New Product Spring Conference will be held at 19:00 on March 16. It is expected to release MatePad 10.4 tablet, Huawei ink screen, P50E, and other new products, 25W SuperCharge chargers will also be released along the way.

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