Huawei's first Hongmeng HarmonyOS smart door lock is manufactured by Fenda Technology

Recently, Fenda Technology stated on the investor interaction platform that the H smart lock is the company's exclusive production and manufacturing, using the JDM cooperation model, that is, joint design and manufacturing, jointly designed and developed by the customer and the company, fully Define products using their respective strengths and provide an all-in-one solution.

Fenda Technology revealed that the above-mentioned products are currently accepting orders and have not yet officially shipped. In the future, they may face risks such as shortages in the upstream supply chain, market changes, etc., which will affect the order volume, and the intensified competition in the industry will lead to the narrowing of profit margins and other risks.

The H smart lock here is considered to be the just-released Huawei smart door lock series.

Fenda Technology once mentioned that Huawei is pushing for whole-house intelligence and the Internet of Everything. Supporting Huawei's strategy, the company has provided smart speakers, smart bracelets, and other related products for it. Based on past cooperation, the future cooperation areas are expected to be further expanded.

On the evening of March 16, Huawei held the 2022 Huawei Whole House Smart and Full Scene New Product Spring Conference. Yu Chengdong brought the new Huawei Smart Door Lock Pro. This is the world's first Hongmeng HarmonyOS smart door lock.

According to the official introduction, Huawei Smart Door Lock Pro uses AI 3D face recognition, and is equipped with HarmonyOS distributed cat eye, which supports cross-screen visual function, and can check the dynamic outside the door at any time, so as to protect the safety of family members. HarmonyOS financial-grade security guard provides multi-dimensional security.

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