Innolux had no plans to build new production lines in the near future

Innolux chairman Hong Jinyang said at last week's legal meeting that the company focused its competitiveness on increasing the added value of its products and had no plans to build new production lines in the near future.

Hong Jinyang pointed out that Innolux will increase the added value of the company's products through technology upgrades, expansion of panel application scenarios, and investment in panel startups.

Separately, Hong Jinyang said that although Innolux has no plans to build new capacity, Innolux has signed a 12-year contract with mainland China-based SDP Global, which will supply the 10.5-based supply from 2021 to 2033. LCD panels that replace glass substrates.

It is reported that Innolux's overall shipment area in 2021 will be 29.09 million square meters, an annual increase of 1.82%; in terms of small and medium sizes, last year's shipments totaled 331 million units, an increase of 13.4% compared with 292 million units shipped in 2020.

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