Intel mobile platform independent display exposure

Intel will launch 5 Arc mobile graphics cards: A770M, A730M, A550M, A370M, and A350M. Now videocardz got a document that confirmed some parameters of Intel's independent display. Intel PPT indicates that the Arc 3 series will go on sale tomorrow, while the Arc 5 and Arc 7 will arrive in early summer (the end of June at the earliest).

Intel confirmed that there are only two Alchemist SoCs: ACM-G10 (32 Xe cores) and ACM-G11 (8 Xe cores). It is reported that the A550M, A730M, and A770M are all G10-based facelift models that can provide up to 32 Xe cores (or 4096 FP32 cores). At the same time, the models of A370M and A350M adjusted based on G11 were called DG2-128EU in previous exposures. Overall, there's nothing particularly surprising about the Intel Arc discrete graphics, at least with the Arc 3 and flagship Arc 7 series.

Intel Arc A770M is a flagship model with 32 cores, with 16GB GDDR6 video memory, 256bit video memory width, default frequency of 1.65 GHz, and TDP between 120W and 150W. Arc A730M has 24 Xe cores (384 fp32) and 12GB GDDR6 video memory, 192bit, TDP is reduced to 80-120W, and the frequency is not very high, only 1.1 GHz.

Arc A550M uses half of ACM-G10 Xe core (2048 FP32), 8GB GDDR6 video memory, 128bit bit width, and TDP between 60 - 80W. As Intel's entry-level A370M and A350M are based on the same GPU, up to 8 Xe cores (A350M has 2 cores disabled), although Intel says it can have 96bit bit width, it seems that both products only provide 64bit 4GB video memory. The A370M is 1.55 GHz with a TDP of 35 ~ 50W, while the A370M is 1.15 GHz with a TDP of 25 ~ 35W.

Currently, Intel has not provided performance data for Arc 5 and Arc 7. In addition, the Arc 3 series is targeting medium-quality 1080p 60 FPS, and throughout the slides, it's being compared to the Intel Alder Lake Xe Iris iGPU, plus Intel has previously stated that the Arc A370M notebook is capable of up to 60 cores. The display performance is twice as high, so everyone should have a good idea when they see it.

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