Jingjiawei terminated the project fundraising investment

Recently, Jingjia Micro announced that the company plans to terminate the fundraising and investment project as a “ general-purpose chip research and development and industrialization project for consumer electronics ”, and will permanently supplement the working capital with the remaining raised funds of 113.45 million yuan for the company’s daily use. Production operation and business development.

According to the announcement, in 2018, Jingjia Micro intends to raise 1.08 billion yuan for general-purpose chip research and development and industrialization projects in the consumer electronics field, high-performance general-purpose graphics processor research and development, industrialization projects, and supplementary working capital.

At that time, the domestic consumer electronics market was in a stage of rapid development, which was a hot spot in the domestic electronics market, and was expected to have good development prospects. Jingjiawei believes that the company has made breakthroughs in several key technologies with years of chip research and development and has developed general-purpose MCU chips, BLE low-power Bluetooth chips, Type-C&PD interface control chips, and other general-purpose chips. market layout.

However, in recent years, the consumer chip market has undergone major changes, and the market concentration has gradually increased and is still on the rise. European and American companies occupy the main market in the mid-to-high-end field, while domestic companies mainly compete in the field of low-end products, and their bargaining power is relatively high. At the same time, due to the slowdown in the growth rate of consumer chip terminal applications such as smartphones and PCs and the impact of consumers' diversified demand for applications, the uncertainty of downstream consumer chip market demand and the risk of product development projects have further increased.

Jingjiawei said that in order to further focus on the development of the main business of GPU chips and improve the use efficiency of raised funds, the company decided to terminate this project after careful consideration, and permanently supplement the remaining raised funds as working capital.

Jing Jiawei said that after long-term layout and accumulation in the civilian field, the company has established friendly cooperative relations with major domestic computer manufacturers, jointly built a domestic computer application ecology, and passed the market test with excellent product strength. . Therefore, the company has a deep accumulation in the industrialization of domestic GPUs. On this basis, the company will further improve the management level, improve the efficiency of management and research and development, and continuously enhance the company's core competitiveness.

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