Lenovo's new thin and light notebook exposed equipped with i7-1260P

Lenovo's new "LENOVO 82LU" notebook appeared on Geekbench, equipped with an i7-1260P processor, which is currently the model with the highest scores in terms of multi-core performance and core display performance.

On Geekbench, Lenovo's 12-core i7-1260P multi-core running score of this thin and light notebook exceeded 10,000, and the OpenCL core display running score exceeded 20,000. It is currently the model with the highest running score of the i7-1260P.

From the point of view of running points, the multi-core running points of the previous generation flagship model i7-1195G7 are only more than 6000 points, which shows the multi-core performance of the new generation processor has been greatly improved. However, in terms of nuclear display, the i7-1260P is equipped with a 1.4GHz 96EU Xe nuclear display, which has the same specifications as the i7-1195G7 nuclear display, so there is almost no improvement in the running score.

Lenovo has officially announced a new generation of thin and light notebooks, including Xiaoxin and YOGA brands. Both Xiaoxin and YOGA thin and light notebooks in 2022 will be divided into two series, Air and Pro. The former focuses on thin and light, and the latter focuses on performance.

Lenovo is expected to start preheating the new thin and light notebooks next week.

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