Musk recommends that Europe immediately restart nuclear power plants and increase power generation

The Russian-Ukrainian conflict sparked concerns about tight oil supply, Brent crude oil prices once rose 18% to $139.13, up 21% last week. A few days ago, Tesla CEO Elon Musk called on Twitter that oil and gas production must be increased immediately, and extraordinary times require extraordinary measures. This will negatively affect Tesla, but sustainable energy solutions cannot immediately respond to make up for Russia's oil and gas exports.

Earlier today, Musk said on Twitter that Europe should restart dormant nuclear power plants and increase the power generation of existing nuclear power plants, which is very critical to national and international security.

Musk has previously supported the use of nuclear energy in public, believing that it is possible to create a very, very safe nuclear power plant. Last September, Musk said he supported the use of nuclear power and was "surprised by some of the public sentiment against nuclear power." While Musk supported nuclear, he said meeting growing demand must rely on "sustainable large-scale development of power generation, mainly wind and solar.”

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