Omdia: Samsung Electronics is still the world's largest semiconductor manufacturer in Q4 2021

Omdia's latest "Semiconductor Industry Analysis for the Fourth Quarter of 2021", Samsung Electronics still maintains the number one position in the semiconductor industry. And in a year that saw the industry set a new record of more than $500 billion in revenue, Intel Corp. barely maintained its position as the annual revenue leader.

Omdia said its review of quarterly results confirmed that Samsung maintained its top semiconductor company revenue position in the fourth quarter of 2021, with revenue of $19.995 billion, compared with Intel's revenue of $19.976 billion.

In addition, Samsung Electronics' sales in the third quarter of 2021 also surpassed Intel, which had the highest sales in the first two quarters of last year, to become the world's largest semiconductor company.

Omdia also pointed out that if calculated on an annual basis, Intel will become the world's largest semiconductor company with $76.6 billion in revenue in 2021, accounting for 13% of global semiconductor revenue. Notably, Intel's revenue growth in 2021 is almost the same as in 2020. In contrast, the next nine largest semiconductor companies all grew revenue by more than 15%

Samsung Electronics will lag Intel's revenue for the full year 2021, with semiconductor revenue of $75.2 billion, or 12.8% of the industry's revenue, Omdia said. Samsung Electronics has significantly narrowed the sales gap with Intel with strong growth in the DRAM market (up 42% in 2021) and the NAND market (up 23% in 2021).

According to Omdia, the total semiconductor industry revenue in 2021 will be $586.8 billion, which is $100 billion higher than in 2018 ($484.7 billion). Semiconductor industry revenue will grow 24.2% year over year in 2021, second only to the highest 2010 revenue growth rate on record (34.1%). The final quarter of 2021 was also the fifth consecutive quarter of record revenue for the industry, growing 3.6% sequentially to $159.1 billion, according to Omdia.

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