OnexPlayer mini handheld AMD version is coming soon

According to the official news of Onebook, the OnexPlayer mini AMD processor version will be subscribed in advance in the fan group on March 3rd. The official released a test video of the OnexPlayer mini AMD processor version running "Ayrdon Ring".

According to official test data, this handheld can achieve a frame rate of 50-60fps at 800p resolution and medium quality settings for "Ayrden's Ring". In mid-February, the OnexPlayer handheld announced the new OnexPlayer mini handheld, equipped with an AMD processor, and the screen can be selected in 1920*1200P and 1280*800P dual versions.

At present, Onebook has not disclosed the model of this AMD processor, it is likely to be R7 5800U or R7 5825U, and the R7 6800U model with doubled core display performance may be launched later this year. 

At the end of last year, Onebook released the OnexPlayer mini handheld, equipped with a 7-inch 1200p screen, equipped with an i7-1195G7 processor, and priced from 5,999 yuan. The new AMD version of OnexPlayer mini handheld can choose 1280*800P screen, the price will be lower.

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