Redmi Book Pro 2022 notebook confirmed to be equipped with 12th generation Core H45 processor

Xiaomi Notebook officially announced that the Redmi Book Pro 2022 notebook will be equipped with a 12th-generation Core H45 processor, and hinted that it will have the higher sustained performance to release power consumption. As for how many W the continuous performance release of Redmi Book Pro 2022 will reach, it will be announced at the March 17th press conference.

As shown in the poster above, the Redmi Book Pro 2022 notebook is equipped with a maximum of 12th-generation Core i7 processors, and the official will challenge the peak performance of thin and light notebooks.

Earlier that the 2022 RedmiBook Pro 15 notebook appeared on the Geekbench platform, showing that it is equipped with Intel's 12th-generation Core i7-12650H processor.

In terms of parameters, the i7-12650H is a processor with a basic power consumption of 45W, which can be regarded as a "youth version" of the mainstream gaming processor i7-12700H, with a configuration of 6 large cores + 4 small cores, compared to i7- The 12700H has 4 less cores. In terms of nuclear display, the i7-12650H is equipped with 64EU, while the i7-12700H is full of 96EU.

In terms of running points, the i7-12650H has a single-core score of 1800 and a multi-core score of 11872, which is a huge improvement compared to the previous generation.

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