Sunwoda's subsidiary plans to sign a contract with the Zhuhai government to build a 30GWh power battery project

Sunwanda is now issuing an announcement that the company's subsidiary Sunwanda Electric Vehicle Battery Co., Ltd. plans to sign a project investment agreement with the Zhuhai Municipal People's Government, and plans to invest in the construction of "Xinwangda" within the jurisdiction of the Zhuhai Municipal People's Government. Wanda 30GWh power battery production base project (tentative)”.

According to reports, the total planned investment of the project is about 12 billion yuan, of which the total investment in fixed assets is about 10 billion yuan.

In addition, the company also announced that Sunwangda Electric Vehicle Battery Co., Ltd. recently received a fixed-point notification from the Passenger Vehicle Branch of SAIC Motor Corporation Limited on the ZS12MCE HEV project to supply power battery assemblies for the SAIC Group ZS12MCE HEV project. product.

Sunwoda announced on February 24 that its subsidiary Sunwoda Electric Vehicle Battery Co., Ltd. increased its capital by 2.43 billion yuan, and a total of 19 companies subscribed for a total of 19.5495% of the equity. Among the investors, "Weixiaoli" has a layout and occupies the majority. Among them, Ideal and Xiaopeng each invested 400 million yuan and jointly led the investment; in addition to traditional car companies, there are state-owned giants such as SAIC, Dongfeng, and GAC. factory.

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