Suzhou Lejin Completes Acquisition of LG Innotek Optoelectronic Compound Semiconductor Assets

Recently, Suzhou Lejin Semiconductor Co., Ltd. (LEKIN) announced the completion of the acquisition of LG Innotek's optoelectronic compound semiconductor business. The acquisition transaction covers nearly 10,000 patents and corresponding equipment and technologies. After the transaction is completed, LEKIN has a complete technology platform for compound semiconductor optoelectronic materials and devices such as GaN / GaAs and related invention patents, and the patent protection scope covers the United States and Europe. , Japan, South Korea, and China's optoelectronic compound semiconductor industry chain. 

It is reported that at present, LEKIN has become one of the companies with the largest number of high-value compound semiconductor patents in China.

Founded in 2021, LEKIN is an IDM company focused on optoelectronic compound semiconductors. LEKIN is committed to providing customers with innovative solutions for compound semiconductor optoelectronic products in strategic emerging fields such as optoelectronic chips, smart sensing, and new displays.

According to official news from Lexi, Suzhou Lexi was co-founded by industrial investors and senior semiconductor industry experts. The company successfully bid to acquire the assets of the compound semiconductor division of a Fortune 500 company in March 2021. The company is located in Taicang High-tech Zone, Suzhou. The first phase invested more than 1 billion yuan to build a compound semiconductor R&D and manufacturing base.

In addition, Lexuan has signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the Suzhou Laboratory of Materials Science, and jointly invested 120 million as research and development funds to support Lexuan Semiconductor in the development of next-generation optoelectronic compound semiconductor materials and devices. The company is committed to becoming a leader in the world's compound semiconductor industry. By.

It is reported that LG Innotek is an independent listed company controlled by LG Group, which is involved in the automotive, consumer, display, and other industries. LG Innotek’s optoelectronic compound semiconductor business has invested more than 1 trillion won (about 5.3 billion yuan), covering ultraviolet LED, infrared Lasers, automotive light sources, new displays, general lighting, and other businesses. LG Innotek decided to adjust the structure of the LED business in October 2019, and officially announced its withdrawal from the LED business in October 2020.

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