Tencent publishes new patent

Tencent Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. disclosed the patent of "Processing Method, Device, Equipment, Media and Program Product of Virtual Concert", the publication number is CN114120943A. The patent abstract shows that through this application, virtual concerts of target singers can be created or held. IT Home has learned that the application provides a processing method, device, device, computer-readable storage medium, and computer program product for a virtual concert, the method comprising:

  • In the song practice interface of the current object, the concert entrance is presented;
  • Based on the concert entrance, a concert creation instruction for the target singer is received;
  • In response to the concert creation instruction, creating a concert room for performing simulated singing of the target singer's song;
  • Collect the singing content corresponding to the current object's simulated singing of the target singer's song, and play the singing content through the concert room;
  • Wherein, the concert content is used for the terminal corresponding to the object in the concert room to play through the concert room.

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