The first full-body photo of the new "Mo Yu" of the Xiaomi Redmi K50 series was announced

Today Xiaomi Lu Weibing announced the first full-length photo of the new "Mo Yu" of the Redmi K50 series, using a new nano-microcrystalline process. The official description is "Stay low-key, like a visitor from the deep sky, walking for thousands of years; the light flashes, the meteorite crystal bursts with energy, and the stars are bright; to give you a unique hard-core design, technology and imagination are indispensable."

Redmi said that the Redmi K50 series uses a new "nano-microcrystalline process" to restore the beauty of the universe of the most beautiful meteorite "Olivine Meteorite". The official description highlights are as follows:

  • Fine: Nanoscale precision, lithography technology as thin as 1/400 of a hair
  • Vivid: 3D modeling, showing rich three-dimensional layering in the plane
  • Gorgeous: It turns out that "colorful black" really exists in the world!

Earlier news said that the Redmi K50 series has three models: Redmi K50, Redmi K50 Pro, and Redmi K50 Pro +, which are equipped with Snapdragon 870, Dimensity 8100, and Dimensity 9000 chips respectively. Officially, the Dimensity 9000 is said to be "the pinnacle of its debut". Its performance is really strong, and its power consumption is worth looking forward to.

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