The relocation of SK Hynix's foundry to China is still in progress

SK Hynix’s plan to relocate its 8-inch semiconductor foundry subsidiary, SK Hynix System IC, to Wuxi, China, is still in progress. SK hynix System IC, also known as the M8 fab, is a large 33,000-square-meter fab located in Cheongju, South Korea. Korean media Business Korea previously reported that SK Hynix System IC has sold all its production equipment at the M8 factory to a joint venture in Wuxi, China, and the transfer of capacity will be completed in February this year.

Contacted by Evertiq about this, SK Hynix responded that the decision to move 8-inch foundry capacity to Wuxi was part of a regular business decision.

According to information obtained by Evertiq, the relocation is still in progress and is expected to be completed in the first half of this year.

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