The word "Xiaomi" appeared in the "unqualified induction cooker"?

 The Chinese State Administration for Market Regulation recently released the results of the national supervision and random inspection of the quality of induction cooktop products in the circulation field: Among the 74 batches of products produced by 74 companies that were inspected, 40 batches of products were found to be unqualified and unqualified. The qualified discovery rate was 54.1%.

When CCTV News reported the spot check report, an induction cooker marked with the word " Xiaomi " appeared on the screen, which attracted the attention of netizens.

This evening, Wang Hua, general manager of Xiaomi's public relations department, said on Weibo that Xiaomi has never produced an induction cooker, only the Mijia induction cooker. The two Xiaomi fonts and designs also seriously do not meet the requirements of Xiaomi's design specifications. Wang Hua reminded that everyone must keep their eyes open when purchasing products, and do not be taken advantage of by fake and shoddy products.

The State Administration for Market Regulation released the " 2021 State Supervision and Spot Check of Kitchen and Bathroom Appliance Product Quality " on February 18. This spot check focuses on input power and current, protection against live parts, and heating. , leakage current and electrical strength at operating temperature, moisture resistance, abnormal operation, stability, and mechanical hazards, mechanical strength, construction, power supply connections and external flexible cords, terminals for external conductors, grounding measures, screws and connections, energy efficiency 19 items such as level, continuous disturbance voltage (or terminal disturbance voltage), radiation disturbance (or electromagnetic radiation disturbance) were inspected, and the unqualified items involved protection against touching live parts, leakage current and electric strength at working temperature, resistance to Moisture, abnormal operation, mechanical strength, structure, power connection, and external cord, grounding measures, energy efficiency class, terminal disturbance voltage, radiation disturbance.

The main problems found in this random inspection are concentrated on the electromagnetic compatibility index. Among the 40 batches of unqualified products, 38 batches are unqualified for the electromagnetic compatibility index.

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