TrendForce: DDR3 supply declines at an accelerated rate

TrendForce released a report saying that due to the increase in the supply of Netcom chips, the gradual improvement of the shortage of materials, and the purchase expectation psychology, the supply, and demand of DDR3 will be tight this year. , it is expected that the price of DDR3 in the second quarter may turn to increase by 0~5%.

The report pointed out that in the PC or server field, Intel and AMD will have new CPUs that support DDR5 on the market this year, so memory suppliers led by Korean factories are gradually shifting their focus to DDR5 while reducing the supply of DDR3.

TrendForce said that two major manufacturers, such as Samsung and SK Hynix, have gradually reduced the production of DDR3, and will gradually end the production cycle of DDR3-related products such as 1/2Gb and 4Gb. Micron is an exception. Its DDR3 has no plans to end its product cycle until 2026, and it is expected to move to a US factory that mainly produces niche products.

In Taiwan, South Asia and Winbond, which mainly specialize in DDR3, have capacity expansion plans, but the actual contribution will still have to wait until 2023-2024, so the overall supply of DDR3 will not change much this year .

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