TSMC: It is difficult to recruit qualified employees

Due to a lack of qualified and experienced workers and the ongoing new crown pandemic, TSMC’s U.S. factories are struggling to cope with schedule delays. Back in May 2020, TSMC announced its intention to build and operate an advanced semiconductor factory in the United States. The plant is under construction in Phoenix, Arizona, but has been grappling with issues related to hiring and the coronavirus pandemic.

The project is already three to six months behind schedule, according to Nikkei. The Nikkei, citing sources, said the delays were mainly due to issues related to the recruitment of qualified employees and coronavirus quarantines. In addition, U.S. building regulations and construction permits are said to have caused delays.

When initially announcing a $12 billion 5nm fab in the U.S., TSMC said it aimed to start production in 2024 and would create 1,900 new full-time jobs. The work will be phased in over five years. 

In addition, the Nikkei report also pointed out that Intel's $20 billion construction plan in Chandler, Arizona (30 minutes from Phoenix) is also one of the reasons why TSMC is struggling to find qualified employees.

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