TSMC Zhunan Advanced Packaging Factory AP6 will be mass-produced in Q3

In addition to the existing 2D / 2.5D packaging, Taiwanese media reported that TSMC's Zhunan Advanced Packaging and Testing Plant AP6 will be mass-produced in the third quarter of this year. The market is watching closely.

In the past few years, TSMC's advanced packaging technology has achieved steady growth in both InFO and CoWoS performance. Among them, 2.5D InFO has become the main source of revenue for TSMC's advanced packaging with the increase in sales of Apple's A-series mobile phone processors, accounting for about 70%. With the rise of AI and HPC applications, the growth rate of CoWoS is faster than that of InFO. In addition to the previously cultivated TSV technology, the use of thicker copper connections makes CoWoS more advantageous. It is also adopted by AMD, driving CoWoS to account for the overall advanced packaging revenue. The proportion climbed to 30%.

In addition, TSMC continues to invest heavily in the development of 2.5D / 3D advanced packaging technology and will launch the 3D Fabric platform in 2020. With silicon stacking in the front-end of 3D packaging and advanced packaging technology in the back-end, it enhances structural flexibility, improves performance, and shortens time to market. Time and cost-effectiveness, etc., in order to meet future needs, the new Zhunan Plant AP6 is built, mainly to provide SoIC and WoW technologies.

It is reported that TSMC plans to reach five factories in advanced packaging in 2022. TSMC has integrated related technologies into a "3DFabric" platform, incorporating all 3D advanced packaging technologies including the InFO family, CoWoS, etc. to achieve chip stacking solutions.

At present, the industry is looking forward to the market response of TSMC after the mass production of 3D packaging this year, such as the expansion of customer base and application, the primary target is existing customers, not only to upgrade existing products from 2.5D to 3D packaging process but also to upgrade more products from 2D Changed to 2.5D package. As many system manufacturers have joined the ranks of self-developed chips, whether AP6 mass production can attract more powerful new customers to join the ranks of 3D packaging has also attracted much attention.

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