UMC responded to "invited to build a 12-inch fab in Detroit

 The US government invited UMC to build a 12-inch factory in Detroit, a major city in the US auto industry, to provide automotive chips to local car manufacturers nearby.

UMC stated that it would not comment on market rumors, but emphasized that the company continued to conduct evaluations and set up factories around the world, and adopted a strategy of relatively scattered production bases.

Previously, major semiconductor manufacturers such as TSMC, Samsung, and Intel have all decided to invest in new factories in the United States. The difference is that TSMC, Samsung, and Intel's new factories all use more advanced manufacturing processes, while UMC specializes in automotive chips, with mature processes such as 28nm to 22nm, which are not competitive with each other.

The industry pointed out that if UMC sets up a factory in the United States, the investment is expected to reach NT$100 billion, and the initial monthly production capacity is about 15,000 to 20,000 pieces.

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