Xiaomi history: 174.9 million Xiaomi shares were awarded to 4,931 employees

Xiaomi Group announced that it has granted about 174.9 million Xiaomi shares to 4,931 employees. This is the biggest incentive for employees since Xiaomi Group went public. The targets of this incentive plan include selected employees of the second phase of Xiaomi's "Entrepreneur Program" and other outstanding employees, excluding company executives.

At the same time, Lei Jun, founder, and CEO of Xiaomi Group said that after recruiting 5,000 engineers last year, this year will continue to maintain this recruitment scale and recruit 5,000 outstanding engineers.

Xiaomi Group said in the announcement: "The company believes that an excellent and solid talent team is a solid foundation for long-term growth in the future. The company will continue to introduce and motivate outstanding talents to continuously improve the company's comprehensive capabilities such as R&D and operations, and safeguard the mobile phone X AIoT strategy. Continue to vigorously advance, and continue to provide global users with good products with 'moving people's hearts and reasonable prices."

Xiaomi just released its 2021 financial report the day before yesterday, with revenue of 328.3 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 33.5%; net profit of 22 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 69.5%; R&D investment of 13.2 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 42.3%. At the same time, Xiaomi Group also announced that it plans to continue to buy back 10 billion Hong Kong dollars.

In addition to the normal stock incentives awarded to newly recruited outstanding talents every year, Xiaomi's incentive actions in recent years also include:

  • In February 2019, Xiaomi set up the "Million Dollar Technology Award". In the past three years, four award teams have been produced, namely "Xiaomi Surround Screen", "MIUI Privacy Protection", "120W Wired Second Edition" and "Xiaomi CyberDog". Teams were awarded $1 million, and the competition also produced dozens of finalists.
  • In July 2019, Xiaomi became the world's youngest Fortune Global 500 company. In order to express its gratitude to employees for their efforts, Xiaomi distributed 1,000 shares to each of more than 20,000 employees. This is Xiaomi's most extensive employee incentive.
  • On July 2, 2021, Xiaomi awarded a total of 16.04 million Xiaomi shares to the first batch of 700 employees selected into Xiaomi's "Young Engineer Incentive Program". The work areas of these 700 engineers cover many cutting-edge positions such as R&D, testing, product managers, material technology, cloud computing, operating systems, video training, and interaction design.
  • On July 6, 2021, Xiaomi announced that it will grant 119.7 million Xiaomi shares to 122 people, including technical experts, the first batch of candidates for the New Decade Entrepreneur Program, and middle and senior managers.

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